Saturday, 18th September 2021

Sri Lanka’s new government vows to attract more tourists, FDI

Colombo (IANS): Sri Lankan Foreign Minister Sarath Amunugama said on Thursday that the new government would launch new projects to attract tourists and more foreign direct investments (FDI) to strengthen the country’s economy.

Amaunugama said that the Sri Lankan ambassadors and high commissioners appointed in foreign countries had been briefed to launch campaigns to attract tourists and FDI in addition to fulfilling their diplomatic obligations, Xinhua news agency reorted.

Amunugama, earlier this week said that travel advisories which had been issued by some foreign governments against visiting Sri Lanka were unnecessary as public life remained largely undisrupted by the ongoing political turbulence and tourists had not been subjected to any inconvenience.

He said the new government was fully committed to safeguarding and improving the tourism industry.

Sri Lanka has been facing political turmoil since October 26, when President Maithripala Sirisena dissolved his Cabinet, sacked Prime Minister Wickremesinghe and appointed former President Mahinda Rajapaksa to the post.

President Sirisena suspended the Parliament till November 14.

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