Thursday, 23rd September 2021

State Intelligence Service blamed for Easter Sunday attacks by PSC

Colombo, Oct 24 (BAN/ AD): State Intelligence Service (SIS) has been blamed for Easter Sunday attacks by the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC). PSC that probed the Easter Sunday attack said State Intelligence Service (SIS) is to be blamed most for its failure to act upon prior warnings. The investigation report was submitted by PSC to Parliament today.

The report has also named the President, the Prime Minister and the State Minister of Defence as ‘culpable’ persons who can be blamed for the tragedy to some extent. Then SIS chief has been blamed most for the tragedy while it had also named the then IGP, the then Defence Secretary, Centre for National Intelligence as other culpable persons. It has also found former Governor Eastern Province presidential candidate M. L. A. M Hizbullah for patronizing extremism in the East.

Few recommendations included in the report which are

  • Taking action to ban Wahabism in Sri Lanka
  • Rreorganising the defence sectors including the intelligence services
  • Setting up of financial investigation unit
  • Reorganising the Attorney General’s Department and the Judiciary
  • Monitoring media in order to stop publishing of false reports
  • Change the education system to avoid teaching of extremism
  • The committee had also recommended that political leadership should be more responsible.

The press conference was addressed by PSC Chairman Ananda Kumarasiri. He said that Speaker could refer the report to the Attorney General after getting the approval of the House. He told “We were able to get it confirmed that the attacks on the churches could have been avoided had the religious leaders including cardinal Ranjith was informed beforehand”

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