Sunday, 19th September 2021

State run power plant ordered to shut down by DoE for polluting the Halda river

Chittagong, July 18 (BAN/ AD): The Department of Environment (DoE) has ordered to shut down state-owned Hathazari 100MW Peaking Power Plant for polluting Halda river by dumping untreated toxic liquid waste. DoE also imposed a fine of Tk20 lakh on the power plant on Wednesday. This is second instance when the plant has been fined.

The plant was inaugurated in in 2012 and since been accused of pollution. DoE has ordered plant not to start operations until an Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) and an Oil-Water Separator is installed. On Wednesday Azadur Rahman Mollick DoE Chittagong Office Director imposed the fine at a hearing at its office in presence of power plant manager, Shafi Uddin Ahmed.

Muktadir Hasan, assistant director of DoE (Chittagong region), said the action was taken under Section-7 of the Environment Conservation Act (1995). DoE officials had visited the power plant and found evidence of dumping untreated liquid waste.

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