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Stop the hunt. Start the Joy. Let’s go wedding shopping!

Stop the hunt. Start the Joy. Let’s go wedding shopping!

London Feb 26 (BAN/SL) Pop Up Bazaar brings you the Asian Weddings Virtual Pop Up Event this weekend 27th & 28th February.

British Asia News got talking with Ami Rabheru the curator of this inspiring online virtual event, her insight into consumer behaviour and small businesses adapting to the needs of the consumer during this pandemic has given rise to the online Asian Wedding Pop Up Bazaar.

“You always got to be where your customers are”

Ami Rabheru

With the UK wedding industry worth £10b a year and the UK Asian wedding industry within that estimated to be half of that figure, Asian weddings are big business in the UK.

They are also hugely important to Asian families and communities and with that ‘wedding shopping’ is a BIG deal, and usually, also a family affair!

With the roadmap to weddings announced, couples are wanting to get going with their plans and of course shopping.  But with non-essential retail not set to open until at least 12th April, wedding shopping has been a rather difficult task for couples and families.

With multiple events and religious ceremonies to plan and shop for leading up to a couples big day, the Pop Up Bazaar is hosting a wedding special virtual pop up event catering to the south Asian community in the UK.  With all the doom and gloom we are focusing on the positives and bringing brides and grooms and their families the Asian Weddings & Celebrations Virtual Pop UP Event this weekend 27th & 28th February.

The Pop-Up Bazaar founded by Ami Rabheru, founder of Indian fashion brand Designer Studio London and SME retail business consultancy The Retail Business Hub was started as a knee-jerk reaction to lockdown in April 2020 to help small businesses remain visible and help customers discover new brands and products they will love to shop!

“After the initial shock of lockdown and the forced closure of non-essential retail, I decided to bring together some of my fellow industry business buddies to start a virtual pop up shop!  I bought together and curated a selection of makers, designers, retailers and boutiques all under one virtual roof to create an innovative shopping experiences and create that important connection with brands and customers.  Something which started on social media has now grown to hosting the events on a purpose built platform at www.popupbazaar.co.uk

Niche marketplaces have become ever popular for customers who are looking to break away from the big commercial online giants and shop in a more curated environment.  The platform enables the customers to connect with the brands and their founders and discover their products and services whilst building those B2C relationships.  We are thrilled to be the only virtual events platform supporting independent product businesses for the South Asian Market in the UK.

The pop up bazaar has created a collaborative community not only with the businesses participating but also with customers wanting to support and buy from small businesses in the UK.”

The events have also been a lifeline for some businesses enabling them to remain visible to current and new potential customers and networking with like minded businesses have seen further collaborations form as a result of them meeting on our events. We are also the only virtual events platform to provide the businesses participating in the events with digital and retail marketing training, courtesy of The Retail Business Hub” AMI RABHERU

I look forward to welcoming you to experience the pop up event this weekend!

Ami believes that “It is the smaller businesses who are innovative and can adapt to change, and we’ve seen that with the pandemic, they have the ability to be agile and responsive to consumer needs”.

We asked her how excited are you that the lockdown will be lifted with the recent news Boris Johnson has announced. “I’m excited, very excited, I don’t believe that physical retail has gone away, it’s just evolved. Consumer behaviour changed overnight with the pandemic and their screens became their new way of connecting with brands and over the past year they have become used to that and for now that continues to still be the norm.  I think it will take a while for consumer confidence to return back to normal levels with the easing of lockdown, but physical retail will continue to be important as what virtual doesn’t offer is the tactile experience of being able to feel and touch the product”.

What Ami has created with the virtual pop up is building on the concept of walking through a department store, browsing a curated selection of brands and you just stop when that perfect product just catches your eye and you absolutely must have it!  

Ami said “the beauty of this platform is that it’ll be interactive, create a more personal shopping experience for consumers. Allowing customers to connect to brands on a more person level, to shop in a more curated environment, connect to brands and their founders, discover their products and build a relationship whilst browsing their brand”

Edited by Sushma Lobo

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