Sunday, 19th September 2021

Stricter law against animal cruelty passed by Parliament

Dhaka, July 8 (BAN/ AD): A new law on animal cruelty will be in place soon as Parliament has passed new law by voice vote. On Sunday Animal Welfare Bill 2019, was passed with stricter penalties. The new law will replace the previous colonial-era Cruelty to Animal Act of 1920.

The was placed by M Ashraf Ali Khan Khasru State Minister for Fisheries and Livestock. The bill was unanimously passed by voice votes, with Deputy Speaker Fazley Rabbi Miah in the chair.

The old act was replaced by India after independence in 1947; it remained unchanged in Pakistan and in independent Bangladesh to date. As per new law slaughtering of animals for religious customs and laws will not be considered animal cruelty.

“This bill marks the most important development in this field to date.” Said Rubaiya Ahmad, founder and chairman of Obhoyaronno Bangladesh Animal Welfare Foundation. She added “Passage of the bill is a very important step, but implementation is another battle. We are already seeing some interest from government to implement the law and we are expecting to see more progress in the days ahead.”

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