Monday, 12th April 2021

Supreme Court issues stay order on death penalty until October 30

Colombo, July 5 (BAN/ AD): Supreme Court on Friday issued an stay order on implementation of the death penalty until October 30. Three-member bench comprising Justices Buwaneka Aluvihare, Prasanna Jayawardena and Gamini Amarasekara issued the order.

The Supreme Court today called 12 fundamental rights petitions filed in the apex court requesting an order staying the executions. The petitioners argued that Presidents decision to implement death penalty only for crime involved in drug related cases is in violation of fundamental rights. The President’s Counsel appealed to the Court to issue an interim injunction.

The State’s Deputy Solicitor General, Nerin Pulle, appearing for the Attorney General, said in court that the death penalty is a punishment punishable by Sri Lankan law. Therefore, he argued that the President’s directive does not violate fundamental rights.

After hearing both party arguments SC ruled that all fundamental rights petitions will be considered on October 29 and issued an stay on implementation of death penalty until October 30.


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