Friday, 16th April 2021

Tea production decreases in November 2019, while tea exports increase

Colombo, Jan 06 (BAN/ AD): As per reports by Tea Exporters Association Tea Production has decreased by 3.6 percent in Nov 2019, while tea exports have risen by 2.8 percent. In Nov 2019 production totalled 23.9 million kg, which is decrease of 0.9 million kg compared to 24.8 million kg produced in November 2018.

Tea exports for November 2019 totaled 21.9 million kg showing a marginal gain of 0.6 million kg from the 21.3 million kg of November 2018.

Tea in packets has shown a growth YOY, whilst bulk tea has remained static and tea bags have shown a decline compared to November 2018.

All categories of exports (i.e. packeted tea, tea bags and bulk tea) have shown a growth YOY.

Top importer of tea is Turkey followed by Iraq and Russia. Other major importers are Iran, Libya, China, Azerbaijan, Syria and UAE.

USA, Germany, India and Saudi Arabia have also imported significant amount of tea in 2019 compared to 2018.


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