The Punjab Restaurant on Neal Street, Covent Garden first opened its doors in London in 1946, making it the oldest North Indian restaurant in the UK.

Since 1951 Lonodn and Covent garden has changed a great deal, however the restaurant is still owned and run by the same family, now in its fourth generation.

As we are met with the global coronavirus pandemic and restaurants have had to close in the UK until further government notice, the Punjab is now doing take-away. But with an amazing offer.

We ordered from the amazing offer some mouth water dishes. The Punjab restaurant now doing deliveries are offering a a home Heat & Eat service all for £25 including delivery. You choose any 4 dishes; you get chapatti included with free delivery and the taste of Punjab in your home. The dishes can be kept for 72 hours in the fridge or be frozen for another day.

It is an offer not to be missed and so we ordered the famous Amritsari Chole, Tarka daal, Punjabi chicken curry and the Bombay aloo. Mouth-watering, tasty and traditional food delivered to your home and all for only £25.

Having eaten at the restaurant and now ordered the takeaway, I am impressed, the taste is still there. The fact that I can order and keep it is even better. We look forward to our next order of food. The Amritsar chole is a must order as it’ll most likely be the best chole dish you eat.

Order your 4 dishes using the link below for only £25 plus free delivery.

Just choose any 4 dishes!


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