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Touqeer Butt Announces Launch of Debut Single “Ek Hi to Dil”

Touqeer Butt Announces Launch of Debut Single “Ek Hi to Dil”

London April 06 (SM/BAN) Ek hi to Dil’, comes straight from the heartstrings of Touqeer Butt, an up-and-coming British-Asian artist on the horizon. Having signed with Zee Music company, his song first debuted on their official YouTube channel on 6th January 2021 and since has been a blast.

Touqeer has been singing from a young age and is finally ready to share this talent with the world in this charmingly romantic track. Having worked as a radio presenter and producer, Touqeer has worked with artists, actors and musicians closely and knows just what it takes to weave a rhythmic story.

British Asia News asked Touqeer how his experience being a radio presenter helped with his confidence in singing?

“Having done radio for a long time, it helped build up the confidence within me and gave me a better sense for music. It gave me the opportunity to speak to many artists in the field and share ideas and thoughts. From time to time, you get good tips and advice and this played a massive role in where I am today. I wouldn’t be as confident if it weren’t for radio.”

Part of this talent comes directly from his classical music training in vocals from the AR Rehman Foundation, KM Music Conservatory. It was there that he first developed his musical signature. What makes Touqeer’s sound unique isn’t just the balance of the old and the new but also the deeply personal way in which he creates music. There is something delicate about ‘Ek hi to Dil’; a feeling that stems directly from the vocals and the cadence of his voice.

Touqeer gave us an insight to what artists and genres inspire his music and sound, describing how he enjoys taking inspiration from a variety of genres and artists:

“I listen to all kinds of music, from pop to classical… I get huge inspiration from Sufi and Qawwali music and I love the big legends in Indian music from Kishore Kumar, Rufi Lata, Feteh Ali Khan. I’ve always followed their music and they continue to inspire me.”

With 161k views within 3 months since it was released, it seems like the listeners agree with Touqeer’s sentiments. The opening notes are immediately inviting and beautiful in their simplicity. Listeners gets an immediate sense of familiarity, knowing that they too must have felt the same emotions at some point in their lives. Touqeer uses his music as a vehicle for storytelling, bringing people from all cultures together. Touqeer wants his music to represent and merge British and Indian cultures together and have that element of connectivity and sincerity to it. Touqeer directed his music video for ‘Ek Hi To Dill’, and from a production point of view, filming and casting took place in England, whilst the initial edit for the video took place in Mumbai:

“I think culture is always a huge part of music and is a medium to represent it to a broader audience. For me, it wasn’t difficult to blend both cultures. I believe in the importance of family and I wanted to produce something which everyone can sit and watch. We worked with different teams remotely and yet produced something that came from one unit and one place. I had never worked in that way before and COVID gave me the chance to work remotely with different people from different parts of the world.”

We asked: If you had to describe your love for music in three words, what would you say? “For me music is passion, refreshing and pure.” Pureness is something that stands out right from the beginning and the song has a very soulful feeling to it. The song is almost a journey in the manner in which it leads you through its rhythms and vocals, allowing you to not only relate to the message but also understand the inherent charm of being in love.

The track has been received well by artists, industry professionals and the public alike with one listener appreciating the “Beautiful lyrics and soulful singing…” Listeners can look forward to hearing Touqeer’s next project in a few months and Touqeer wants to continue to explore different genres as well as work with a variety of teams and producers in the future. In the meantime, You can view/listen to Ek Hi To Dil by Touqeer Butt by clicking below.

By Shivraj Malhi

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