Friday, 25th June 2021

Trafficking in Persons (TIP): Sri Lanka downgraded to Tier 2 Watch List in U.S report

Colombo, June 21 (BAN/ AD): As per report published by the United States Department of State Sri Lanka has been downgraded to Tier 2 Watch List in this year’s Trafficking in Persons (TIP). The report was released on Thursday. As per previous year report mentioned Sri Lanka does not fully meet the minimum standards for the elimination of trafficking; however, it is making significant efforts to do so.

These efforts included convicting more traffickers than previous years, including the first conviction under the trafficking statute in five years; identifying more potential trafficking victims; and continuing to conduct numerous anti-trafficking trainings and awareness raising events for government officials and civil society.

The report also says various measures needs to be undertaken like respecting due process, improve efforts to vigorously investigate and prosecute suspected traffickers, and convict and sentence convicted traffickers to adequate penalties involving significant prison terms, and Hold government officials criminally accountable for complicity in trafficking or trafficking-related offenses-including fraudulent recruitment, sex trafficking.

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