Tuesday, 21st September 2021

Uma Oya multipurpose project: 3 major reservoirs work completed

Colombo, Oct 28 (BAN/ AD): Project Director Dr. Sunil De Silva said that 3 major reservoir work has been completed in Uma Oya Multi-Purpose Development Project. These projects will provide irrigation and drinking water to Badulla, Moneragala and Hambantota districts.

Project Director Dr. Sunil De Silva said that the reservoirs will be vested with the public on the 30th October. The Uma Oya project, the largest multipurpose project in the country, is being implemented with an investment of US$ 535 million.

The Uma Oya Project will be generating 300 megawatt of electricity to the national grid. The project intends to divert water from the Uma Oya basin in the wet zone to the Kirindi Oya basin in the dry zone.

2 dams have been constructed across two main tributaries of Uma Oya – Dalgolla Oya and Mahathotilla Oya at Puhulpola and Diaraba respectively. 3.2 km long tunnel will be connecting the two reservoirs and water eill be directed to the underground power station at Karandagolla through a 15.2 km tunnel from the Diaraba reservoir.

The Handapanagala reservoir has been enlarged by increasing the height of the reservoir’s bund by 12 feet increasing its capacity from 5,000 acre feet to 15,000 acre feet. This project will benefit 15,000 farmers and will irrigate over 15000 acres of paddy lands.

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