Friday, 16th April 2021

UNP leader Sajith: No crisis in UNP

Jaffna, Sep 10 (BAN/ AD): UNP leader Sajith Premadasa has denied any crisis in United National Party (UNP). He has said that for those who are unfamiliar with democracy may see there is an internal crisis in the UNP, but it is the true democracy that is at work.

He has said “Some factions are trying to point out that there is a crisis within the UNP regarding the presidential candidacy. Those who are not familiar with the term democracy can see this situation as a party crisis. But democracy is freedom to express own ideas, opinions. Some parties do not have different opinions. It is because such opinions are controlled.”

He added saying “Today the 13th Amendment has become a joke. We must strengthen the PC system. Our position is very clear in the policy statement we presented at the Presidential Election of 2015. That is the maximum devolution of power within a unitary country. There is no change in that position today.”

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