Monday, 12th April 2021

UNP Leader; We’re ready for elections but elections is not the issue

British Asia News network

Sri Lanka:UNP Leader Ranil Wickremesinghe said over the weakened that Parliament could decide on having an election, the type of election and the time it should be held. Indicating that his party could support a motion in the House to ask President to dissolve Parliament and go for election.

He said, “Parties in Parliament will decide on the election. They will decide on the date of the election as well”.

“They can also decide whether to hold the Presidential Election first or the General Election.

On Saturday, at a public rally in Kandy Mr Wickremesinghe said, “Parliament can decide on the elections with a two thirds majority. However, the main issue is not an election, but to safeguard the rights of the people”.

He added, “If a group does not have a majority they should resign. They cannot hold on to office like leaches. If they did not resign even after November, 29 when the next vote is taken in Parliament, we will have to take to the streets”.

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