Saturday, 18th September 2021

US Ambassador: refuses reports saying US intends to build base in Sri Lanka

Colombo, July 02 (BAN/ AD): US envoy has dismissed reports saying US is planning to establish a US base in Sri Lanka, the U.S. envoy in Colombo has dismissed news reports.

Alaina B. Teplitz US Ambassador to Sri Lanka in a Twitter post dismissed recent reports published in local media on the draft of the Status of Forces Agreement (SOFA) as “blatant misinformation”.

Alaina B. Teplitz US Ambassador to Sri Lanka said “VFA (Visiting Forces Agreement) negotiations only aim to facilitate cooperation and any agreement will fully respect the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.” As per media reports a draft copy of the ‘Status of Forces Agreement’ indicates a “deep rooted” plan by the U.S. to turn Sri Lanka into an American military colony.


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