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London November 12 – Meet ‘Kota’ the Kashmiri Woman, the Mother, the Daughter who transcends generations and centuries. Share the pain of her journey of exodus. A powerful theatre production presented by the Kashmiri children, bring to you a story of the Kashmiri Pandits (KP).
With a fantastic turn out filling the room up in Mayfair at the Neru Center there was absolute silence throughout the performance by children, this being a testimony to how engaging and powerful the programme was for those who attended. The hard work put in by the children who took participated in the play was to be applauded and the journey they took the audience through was very moving.
A special talk was delivered responding to the questions posed in the play:
Why did we leave?
Were we cowards?
When will we return?
The inspirational and insightful talk by Mr Sushil Pandit a Kashmiri activist and the events special guest from India, who needed no introduction. He has been an ardent campaigner and tireless crusader of the KP cause voicing the call for justice at various platforms; he helped respond to some of the questions raised and left the audience with a sense of purpose and strong attachment and understanding to the cause. The audience were mostly non Kashmiris with many of non Indian heritage. The event, performance and Q&A allowed the audience to understand the Journey and difficulties faced by KP, how the elder generation were preparing the younger generation to carry the batten on, and never did they think they would have the freedom in this lifetime. Truely a moving performace enhancing knowledge for all who came to watch.
The Kashmiri Pandit Cultural Society (KPCS) were most grateful to The Nehru Centre team led by Mr Amish Tripathy, Director and Mr Brij Guhare, Deputy Director for hosting the play at the beautiful Indian cultural centre in Mayfair. 
KPCS said The play, ‘We Remember: The Journey of Kashmiri Pandits’ though a novice and amateur attempt at sharing our stories via theatre, was extremely well received and the team are proud to have been able to present this at the prestigious Nehru Centre. We are grateful to Rakesh Kaul ji for providing the inspiration to Lakshmi who wrote this play,  by introducing us to Kota Rani, The Last Queen of Kashmir; the central character of the play who is ‘Kota’ set in three time periods: 14th Century at Sharada Peeth, 1990 in Srinagar and 2019 in London”
We would like to leave you with the link to the testimonies of First person accounts of the Kashmiri Pandit exodus victims that is available free of charge on the link below:
A live recording of the play is available on the facebook link below:
The above play is a must to watch and share to learn about the Kashiri Pandit and thier Journey will surely touch you.


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