Image by Leicester Covid 19 Mutual Aid Group

Leicester June 4 (SL/BAN) As Leicester goes into the localised lock down -people have forgotten across the UK how difficult it was for them during the past few months, how hard it was for the elderly, young, families, lonely people, businesses, mental health sufferers, front line heroes and it seems that the UK have been quick to judge and it is affecting residents in Leicester’s moral in this very difficult time.

As a response Leicester Covid-19 Mutual Aid group showcased how the diversity and cross-community support of Leicester is Leicester’s strength! With #WeAreLeicester they release a moving video which encourages residents of Leicester to keep going and be strong and together they will come out of this as a community.

In response to the challenges that Leicester is facing, Priya Thakrar produced the #WeAreLeicester video that showcases how diversity and cross-community efforts are Leicester’s strengths.

It premiered at 12 noon yesterday (3rd July) on facebook and received over 473 shares, Twitter where it’s received over 65k views and Gary Lineker has retweeted on Twitter!

A powerful video for the Leicester community by the Leicester community put together by Priya Thakrar

We are Leicester. We are a city of solidarity. When we locked down in March, we didn’t know what to expect, but we knew that our lives would become more difficult. But we also knew that if we co-operated, we could help our neighbours get through this. So together we cared for each other, in big ways or small. Community centres, religious organisations, sports teams, mutual aid groups, shops and pubs, our mates. Together, we donated, we shielded, we did shopping, we delivered food parcels, we reassured the lonely. We wove a safety net — which helped thousands of people who’d have fallen through the cracks otherwise. We helped strangers without stopping to ask where they were from. And others helped us. We all witnessed moments of amazing generosity between neighbours. Now we’ve got to go through all that again, this time on our own as a city. But we know we can make it. We can look after each other, and help each other through this time. Because we are a city of solidarity. We are Leicester.This video features people from across the city who have volunteered to help out during the pandemic. It’s an initiative from the network of Mutual Aid groups in the city, and has been supported by people working in the many other organisations that are also a part of the COVID-19 response. It was shot by local film company Mutual Shoots Ltd, just one of many Leicester small businesses from all over the city who have donated to the COVID-19 relief effort. Volunteers say: “Over the last few days, a wave of recrimination, finger-pointing, and division has distorted the way that Leicester is being portrayed. So we decided to work on this video to tell you that we know a different city, one which has seen an unprecedented outpouring of cross-community charity and solidarity.”

“Since March we’ve seen community groups, individuals, existing charities, businesses and local government, key workers and furloughed workers — all doing their best collectively to meet our neighbours’ needs in this crisis.”“We know we can make it. Because we are a city of solidarity.”

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