Tuesday, 21st September 2021

Wildlife official suggest no signs of deliberate poisoning of the elephants in Habarana forest

Colombo, Sep 30 (BAN/ AD): Wildlife veterinarians who conducted post mortem on 7 female elephants have suggested that that there was no evidence to suggest the elephants in the Habarana forest reserve were deliberately poisoned.

On Friday and Saturday 7 dead female wild elephants were found in the Habarana-Hiriwadunna and Digampathana-Thumbikulam forest reserves. It was suspected that elephants were fed outside food which was poisoned.

Veterinary surgeon Chandana Jayasinghe said the post mortem examination of one of the dead elephants conducted Sunday showed the presence of squash seeds in her stomach contents while other elephants had only grass. One of the carcasses found yesterday was badly decomposed and although it was suspected to be of a female first it could be a male elephant.

A large number of local and foreign media and representatives of environmental organizations were present to witness the post mortems.

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