Leicester Oct 18 (BAN/SL) No time to go to the gym? Want to work out at home but lacking motivation? Want a personal trainer but deterred by the cost…..we talk to Brijesh from Simple Lifestyle Changes in Leicester a personal trainer who tells us how easy and accessible it is to work with a personal trainer from home.

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant millions of people in the UK are adjusting to life indoors. As the new government 3 Tier system kicks in we need to remember to stay healthy maintaining both body and mind wellbeing.

While your favourite workout class or fitness centre might be temporarily shut down or limited or you might not feel comfortable going, that doesn’t mean you should stop sweating.

In fact Brijesh tells us how easily it it can be done and how important is to stay fit and take a personal trainer on who can work with your needs, get you fit and help you maintain the fitness levels. He says you can log on via Skype, FaceTime, what’s App or Zoom, he can take you through the process step by step on how to do this if you don’t know.

You go through any health issues you have with him, your goals and he said “just put on your favourite music and let him do the rest of the work”.

When you join with him you get a starter kit FREE, a load of sports equipment for FREE which will help you with your home workouts with him and every 4-6 weeks he will visit you to check progress.

According to Brijesh its important to workout at home whilst working from home to keep your mental wellbeing and physical health on balance.

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