Sunday, 19th September 2021

Worried about removal of PM and dissolution of Parliament – Bishop of Colombo

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Colombo: “with shock and great dismay” to the “arbitrary” removal of Sri Lanka’s Prime Minister and the dissolution of the country’s Parliament, responded the Bishop of Colombo, Dhiloraj Canagasabey.

Over the past two days, the sittings have been disrupted by clashes between MPs. Security staff and police broke up scuffles today in which chilli powder was thrown.

Writing on behalf of the Diocese of Colombo, Bishop Dhiloraj described the President’s actions as “arbitrary” and said that it “appears to us to be a direct and blatant violation of the clear and express provisions of the Constitution”.

He said: “the dismissal of a sitting Prime Minister, the appointment of a new Prime Minister, the prorogation of Parliament by the President followed by credible accounts of inducements to MPs to crossover and the shifting stories about the premiership being offered to other members of Parliament are further compounded by this latest action of the President underscoring the fact that the newly appointed Prime Minister did not command the confidence of Parliament.

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