Tuesday, 21st September 2021

Zion Church bomber remains stored in Batticaloa hospital morgue

Colombo, Sep 02 (BAN/ AD): Bomber of Zion church in Batticaloa body party were exhumed today which included the head and body parts were later stored in at the Batticaloa hospital morgue under police protection.

Under supervision of Batticaloa Magistrate, the Judicial Medical Officer of Batticaloa and the Criminal Investigations Department the head and body parts of the terror suspect that were buried in the Kalliyankadu cemetery in Batticaloa were exhumed today.

The body parts were buried on 19th August on the order of the Batticaloa Magistrate. However, Batticaloa district MP Viyalendran and residents in the area staged a strong protest against the burial of the head and body of the terror suspect in the cemetery.

Following a request made by the Batticaloa Police, the Magistrate ordered the head and the body parts to be recovered and placed in the mortuary of the Batticaloa Hospital under police protection. Accordingly the remains were exhumed today (Sept 02). After body parts were exhumed the remains were placed at the Batticaloa hospital morgue and will be reburied later at direction of the Batticaloa District Secretary.


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